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    [@everyone] Fixed an issue with all servers not allowing you to join with any version other then 1.16.1. Fixed an issue with the selector on lobby not working as intended.
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    [@everyone] Announcement of major changes to the network and upcoming plans. (It's a big one ) NEW Combined Server: The combined server is AcidISland(/ai), AOneBlock(/ob), SkyBlock(/is), and CaveBlock(/cb) all in one. You can have islands on each type of gamemode on the server and can transfer...
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    Information on the resource pack i use

    Resource Packs 1.16.1 Download link: Here Click on "Options..." in the Main Menu. Click on "Resource Packs..." in the Options screen. Click on "Open Resource Pack Folder" in the Resource Pack Screen. Drag and drop your downloaded "JohnCsuti" zip into the folder that was opened. You will now...
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    Please post any and all suggestions for the network below.
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    Ranks Staff Ranks: Owner Owns the server network and will create the actual servers. Co-Owner Helps the server Owner will mundane tasks and manages staff. Also gives vouchers from the store. (When required.) Admin Manages Approving staff applications and helps with Events and giveaways. Mod...
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    RULES All rules are subject to staff enforced at our discretion. No Advertising of other networks, discord servers or anything related like that, everything else goes into general. No random tags and no mentioning staff members. No impersonating another user or staff member. No hacked clients...
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    Updates to the network/site

    Today marks the day for the new updated site! Today we are releasing our new site. I would like to encourage you all to go take a look and let us know what you think. Currently we are requesting all staff and players to login to the server and create an account. The...
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    Useful links

    Bans page: Plot upload: Dynmap: Store:
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    Voting Sites

    A list of our current voting sites is as fallows: 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.)...
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    Working on

    Working on
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    Staff Application

    Info: 64 Stacks Minecraft Network is a vanilla and modded server. We include skyblock, survival, and creative. We also have one modded server called stackpack 2 this is modded skyblock server based on the skyfactory modpack but is easier to run. Our goals: 64 stacks has three main goals The...

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